The Performer Package

Please be aware that we only have 10 of The Performer Packages and they come with first right of refusal. We expect these to be like Masters tickets where the only way you can get them this year is if you had them last year.

Here is what comes with The Performer Package:

  1. Sponsors have one performer from a law firm:
    - All promotions for that performer says 'Presented by (sponsor).'
    - Logo on display during contestant's performance
  2. Sponsors have 20 tickets (five 4-top tables) for the event:
    - Includes dinner and two premium drink tickets
    - Table signage as ‘Table sponsored by (Sponsor).’
  3. Full-page ad in playbill featuring Sponsor and their performer.
  4. Professional comedy posters are sent to participating law firms, & vendors and displayed in the months leading up to the event.
  5. Social media promotion:
    - Fully customized and multi-platform
    - Before, during and after the event.
  6. Sponsor’s logo is included in all media promoting performers.
  7. Sponsor recognition from the stage.
  8. Pictures and video from the event & a group photo on stage.
  9. Opportunity to provide one promotional item in the gift bag.
  10. A chance to win trophy and bragging rights for:
    Atlanta’s Funniest Lawyer
    a. Trophy is given to performer, OM and sponsor
  11. First right of refusal for following year.

    INVESTMENT: $5,500

    If you are interested in a Performer Package or other sponsorship opportunities, please contact us: